By Alex Davies-Parmenter, 26 Jul 2021

We’ve made improvements to the Gift Voucher email

We’ve received some awesome feedback regarding your clients on the receiving end for Gift vouchers (or recipients) would often mistake the email as the gift voucher and the attachment file for GV would go unnoticeable during the redemption process.

On that basis, we’ve made some improvements to the Gift Voucher email layout:

  • We’ve updated the naming convention of the header from ‘Gift Voucher’ to ‘A gift for you’. This minor change does not only reduce the confusion applied to some of our clients, but it also adds a nice personal spin to it.
  • Revolving on the theme around adding personal touches to the email. We’ve also incorporated the Gift voucher message (if applicable) into the email.
  • We’ve also added a sub-header on ‘How to use Gift Voucher’ to make the redemption process for Gift vouchers stand out to the recipient.