Stock management made simple

Say hello to hassle-free inventory management with Timely and Timely Stock app for iOS. This dynamic duo helps you manage, track, order, and sell stock without the headaches.

Manage stock from anywhere with the Timely Stock app

Know you’re always up to date
Write-off professional stock as soon as it’s used and add fresh products in minutes – so your stock levels are always up to date.

Accurate information, whenever you need it
Scan product barcodes on your phone to quickly look up the details you need with the Timely Stock iOS app.

Smooth out your processes
Share the workload with your team. Grant or restrict access based on different roles.

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Stay on top of orders and suppliers

Never run out of stock
Check what you’re running low on, generate a stock order and send it to your suppliers in minutes.

Manage front and back counter products
Simplify ordering and reporting by tracking both retail and professional stock.

Make product decisions confidently
Use Timely’s stock reports to make better decisions about which stock lines to keep and which to discontinue.

Sell more stock with less effort

Get set up to sell online 24/7
Turn your website into a digital storefront by linking Timely to Shopify.

Give your clients what they want
Never miss out on an opportunity to upsell. Check your clients’ product histories from the calendar.

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Get your hands on our all-in-one solution to get paid fast and see the difference our card reader can make to your salon.

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Manage stock like a pro

Say goodbye to stressful stock spreadsheets and hello to a hassle-free inventory experience

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