By Inas Jenabdeen, 29 Aug 2022
By Inas Jenabdeen, 29 Aug 2022

Simplify your stock management with the Timely stock app!

The all new Timely stock app is now available for free download for iOS devices  from the Apple app store. It empowers you to get your stock related tasks done quick and easy with an advanced set of features combining the goodness of a mobile app and a barcode scanner!

Timely stock app features

  • Scan products to quickly view all  product details including stock levels and sale price
  • Scan  products and update stock levels from anywhere in the business premise, say goodbye to pen and paper stock lists!
  • Quickly glance through stock levels applying low stock, out of stock filters to help with stock ordering and transfer decisions for all your business locations
  • Scan out your empties bin or receive new orders in a flash using barcode bulk scanning
  • All updates made through app syncs with Timely real time enabling your team to view and update product details on the go using multiple devices!

Steps to follow to  get the app set up for your business

The Timely stock app is available for all iOS devices and works best with iphones. Simply visit the Apple appstore with your iphone and search for ‘Timely stock app’. Download and install the app to your device and you are all set to go! You can login to the app with any Timely account as long as you have sufficient stock permissions granted by your business owner or manager. If you are in build or above Timely plan you can download the app for any number of devices to share access among staff to use with their Timely account.

You can download the app in here. More information on how to use the app available in this help guide.