By Catherine Strydom, 01 Oct 2021
By Catherine Strydom, 01 Oct 2021

Set your team up for success with tiered pricing

In service industries such as hair, beauty and medi-spa, experience matters.  When clients book they expect to be able to see the seniority of the person performing their service, and as practitioners, your team expects to compensated accordingly. A robust tiered pricing system not only help you and your clients book more efficiently, but it helps highlight a career path for your team and fosters an engaged growth culture.

Today we have started rolling out our new tiered pricing feature to eligible Timely accounts.

What is Tiered pricing

  • Assign different pricing tiers to your staff based on their skill and seniority and easily move staff through tiers as they upskill. 
  • Manage your calendar more efficiently –  Simplify your service list and easily book staff in at the correct price- the cost of the service will automatically update to the correct level for the team member performing the service.
  • Build a strong team culture with clearly defined career development – use with staff targets to create transparent progression plans for you staff. Staff know exactly what they need to achieve to progress and can track their own success easily via Timely.

How Tiered pricing works 

Setting up Tiered pricing for your business with Timely is very simple:

  1. Define your tiers to reflect the scale of your business (we recommend a maximum of 6 tiers for better control)
  2. Under your tiered services, set a different price for each tier. 
  3. Assign each staff member to their correct tier. It’s quick and easy so it’s easy to change their tier as they advance with your business.

Please note: Tiered pricing does not currently work with service groups or packages. We will be adding this functionality soon.

Help guide: Tiered pricing

There’s more to come

We’ll be releasing enhancements to Tiered pricing  in the near future! Keep an eye out in app for some exciting additions including Tiered pricing for Service groups and more!