By Arina Kukovkina, 08 Nov 2021
By Arina Kukovkina, 08 Nov 2021

No more sneaky saved card deletions with TimelyPay

Frustrated by clients removing their saved card details so you can’t charge a cancellation fee when they don’t show up? This won’t happen again!

From now on, if you have card capture enabled as a part of your online booking policy, clients who have future appointments booked with you won’t be able to remove their saved card from the system. If they wish to delete their card, they must cancel the appointment first or add another card.

If the client tries to cancel within a period when the cancellation fee is supposed to be charged, they won’t be able to remove the card at all!

You, however, can delete the card at any time.

Helpdoc – Storing cards on TimelyPay