By Arina Kukovkina, 20 Feb 2023

Next business day payout with TimelyPay

Payouts through TimelyPay are faster than ever before. You can now get your settled payments in your bank account as fast as the next business day. No more waiting around for client’s payments to process and no more confusion about when you can expect your money!

There’s no need for you to do anything to turn next day payments on, it all happens automatically.

By default, TimelyPay sends your payout every Monday. This will now contain payments from customers who paid within the business week prior (i.e. Monday to Sunday).

You can still choose the payout schedule that suits you best – so if you prefer to receive your funds daily, monthly or weekly, it’s up to you. These settings can also be adjusted at any time, by going to Setup > TimelyPay. Then click Edit to update your Payout schedule.