By Nicole Henke, 10 Dec 2021

New and improved packages

Our new and improved packages are now available to all Timely customers! We’ve rolled out big changes to the way packages are sold, redeemed and most importantly tracked – and your account is going to LOVE you for it!

What are packages?

Packages allow you to sell bundles of services to client at a discount, for example, six massages for the price of five. They’re great for services that need more than one treatment to be effective such as facials, or for services that require regular maintenance like haircuts or waxing. They’re great for clients as they offer great value on services they were already going to use, and they’re great for you as you get your money upfront and a guarantee of client loyalty. Win win!

What’s changed?

While packages have been available in Timely for years, this improvement completely overhauls how packages are tracked in your system:
  • It allows you to accurately track package liabilities and how many services you ‘owe’ clients vs how many you’ve performed
  • Its WAY easier to sell, book and redeem packages

How do I update my packages?

  1. Head over to the Packages page in timely and opt-in via the banner at the top of the page
  2. Rebuild any existing packages in the new format (so we know how much liability to track)
  3. Sell, book and redeem your new packages!

What happens with my old packages?

Once you make the change to new packages any old package templates you have will be retired and you wont be able to sell these packages to any clients. If you have some clients who have already purchased packages you’ll still be able to book and redeem their services though! This means you may have a few weeks where you have both old and new packages being sold through your system, you can track these in our report for old packages and report for new packages.

Help guides: If you’d like to read more about how everything working in detail you can check out our new packages and liability help guides.

Please note, because of  we’re now tracking liability you’ll no longer be able to:

  • Edit packages after issuing
  • Sell packages for $0 or with undefined services
  • Add services to new packages with hrs/mins (rather than a whole service)
  • Add classes to new package templates
  • Sync new packages with Quickbooks or MYOB (but you can sync with Xero!)

I can’t see the opt-in banner! What can I do?

If you cannot see the opt-in banner it probably means you signed up for Timely after we started this roll out, or you hadn’t set up packages in the old way which means you already have new packages by default! Lucky you! You can start selling, booking and redeeming packages the right way from day one.

If you have old packages with classes, hrs/min or undefined services or prizes, new packages don’t work with those settings. If you want to opt-in regardless please let us know [email protected].