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Your information is secure with TimelyPay

Thousands of customers trust us with their highly sensitive business data, and we use the same security standards that banks use when taking your payments online.

Secure payments you can trust

TimelyPay uses the same security standards that banks use when taking payments online. Payment data is encrypted to protect from hackers and fraud, and we don’t store any credit card data in Timely – we follow strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) guidelines to keep your credit card information safe and secure.

You can feel safe using Timely

We understand you might have concerns about making payments and storing your details online. Rest assured, we do everything we can to protect your information, and we don’t access or share any of your data unless required by law.

Timely accounts are secure

Every Timely account that stores client data like yours is protected with an email and password, as well as optional two-step authentication using SMS codes if login details are lost or stolen.

Your Timely login is protected

We’ll send an SMS security code to your mobile number when you’re logging in to view your appointments, personal details or saved cards, as an extra layer of security.

We’re always on top of security

Our in-house team constantly monitors our server security and we regularly test our systems and conduct automated vulnerability scanning to make sure our software is safe and secure.

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