Online booking made easy

Easily add a booking widget to your website with Timely's plugin for WordPress.

If you use WordPress to manage your website, you can make use of the Timely WordPress calendar plugin to include a booking button or widget on your website. This allows your clients to book your services online.

Once the plugin is installed, your clients can book services through your website without you having to lift a finger!

You have a range of settings in Timely that flow through to your website. For example, you can choose to allow only specific services, staff or times available for booking through your website. You also have the option of choosing to accept or decline client bookings as they come in to your Timely Calendar.

Please note: You’ll need to use a self-hosted site to install the plugin, if you have a free site, then follow this guide instead.

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Key features of this add-on

Stay in-sync
Client appointments go straight into your Timely Calendar
You're in control
Adjust your settings in Timely to make specific staff, services and times available for online booking
Timely's online booking works beautifully with any smart phone or tablet
Customisable booking buttons
Configure different booking buttons in Timely to use on different pages of your site. Customise the buttons by service, staff or location
Setup online payments in Timely using PayPal, Stripe, Pin Payments, DPS Payment Express, Authorize.Net or eWay